Spoon - Hot Thoughts

Spoon – Hot Thoughts

Mentioning consistency while talking about Spoon is essential. Not only they have had an amazing strike of albums, but also the gaps between them weren’t almost ever long. On their newest, which happens to be their ninth record, Austiners prove they still have it and aren’t going anywhere.

One could accuse Spoon of not progressing at all, which is a fair point, but this is rather a case of developing their own sound. But Hot Thoughts has, in fact, some not typical to the group elements. The somewhat post-rock-y Us, the instrumental outro track may take some fans by surprise, while the sudden progression of WhisperI’lllistentohearit might be the most unexpected moment of Spoon’s late-career catalogue. The singles are solid, too. Both the groovy title track and the released-but-not-really melancholic I Ain’t the One represent two sides of the record perfectly. Sonically, Hot Thoughts might not be as in-your-face or immediate as 2014’s They Want My Soul, but without a doubt it’s another excellent addition to Spoon’s already superb discography.

4 / 5