Pixx - The Age of Anxiety

Pixx – The Age of Anxiety

Years after signing to the legendary 4AD label while still being a teen, Hannah Rodgers finally delivers her very first, slightly overdue, LP. The artist behind the Pixx moniker manages to surprise with her more mature than expected The Age of Anxiety.

It hasn’t passed much time since the release of Rodgers’ debut Fall In EP back in 2015 and yet we can already see (or rather hear) how much has she grown as an artist. On The Age of Anxiety, Pixx takes a slight shift and explores more electronic sounds and different themes. With additional synths (I Bow Down), pitched down and distorted vocals (Romance, Toes) and greater than ever songwriting (Everything Is Weird In America), Rodgers proves it’s possible to make accessible pop with a twist.

The best way to see Pixx’s growth is to just listen to her discography back-to-back, which hardly takes an hour. With all the progression Rodgers has made so far, such album as The Age of Anxiety will definitely open many doors for her.

4 / 5