Foxygen - Hang

Foxygen – Hang

Like it or not, you have to admit it takes giant balls to follow-up a critically acclaimed, pretty straightforward record with a half-baked 82-minute-long monster. Despite being more polished and more complex, Hang (titled just like the closing track from …And Star Power) is just as crazy as its predecessor.

With their newest, the West Coasters take us on a trip to New York. And there’s still no need to be an asshole, because it’s not Brooklyn, but Broadway. Full of clichés, very theatrical, and yet it still feels more like a Foxygen record, and hardly like a musical score. Yes, sometimes it’s a bit too much and it’s quite a problem, considering how short this record is. Mrs. Adams sounds like it rather should belong to We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic, while Rise Up is an unnecessary extention to the second to last track. At its peak, though, Hang offers larger-than-life, almost perfectly executed cuts. Take the singles for example, or better, the album’s climax, dramatic Trauma.

For a band with such strong and obvious influences (The Rolling Stones, The Velvet Underground, Todd Rundgren) that are still detectable in their music, Foxygen have excellently balanced implementing inspiration and being true to themselves at the same time. And beyond that – even backed with a fourty-something piece orchestra, it’s Foxygen who’s in the foreground.

3.5 / 5
25 January 2017

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